Federal Defense Lawyer in Miami, Florida

Understanding Federal Charges

Federal crimes are often the most serious for which a defendant may face criminal charges. Not only are the offenses handled in federal court often more serious in nature than those at a state level, but the manner in which these crimes are investigated, prosecuted and penalized are extremely harsh.

Federal crimes have harsh minimum penalties that must be imposed under federal sentencing guidelines, allowing for little to no deviation or leniency on the part of the federal judge. To make matters worse, federal agencies are typically better funded and have more manpower to dedicate to their investigations, and federal prosecutors most often have more experience and resources to prosecute defendants in federal court.

To counteract the aggressive investigation and prosecution that you will face for a federal crime, you need a highly experienced Miami federal defense attorney on your side. Attorney Michael Mirer is here to offer you the knowledgeable and dedicated legal representation you deserve to fight your federal crime charges.

Common Federal Crimes

As a federal attorney in Miami, Michael Mirer represents clients who are facing all types of federal charges, including:

You can also learn more about fighting these charges on our Federal Crimes FAQ page.

Get Help from an Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Miami, FL

Attorney Mirer represents clients throughout all of South Florida and has the particular understanding of federal court procedure that is necessary for you to have the greatest opportunity at a positive resolution for your case.

Combined with his aggressive legal strategies and complete dedication to his clients' rights and freedom, Mr. Mirer's experience and knowledge will serve to build the foundation of a more effective and forceful defense strategy for your federal case. Contact the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. today for a free consultation regarding your case.

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