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Arrested for a Crime in Miami?

The Importance of Experienced Advocacy

It takes relentless dedication and knowledge of the law, science and trial skills to successfully challenge the allegations you face. If you are considering fighting your charges, don't take any chances; get a highly skilled criminal lawyer with a long history of success on your side.

The first step is to identify the options you have for your defense, as there are a number of attorneys that offer legal representation for criminal cases – but do they have the trial experience that our lead attorney, Michael Mirer has? He is a former prosecutor that has served at over 100 trials, and is known for his legal skill and persuasive trial techniques.

Get Experience on Your Side

Attorney Michael Mirer has the qualifications and credentials you need on your side if you have been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense. Many people do not realize that any type of charge can be successfully defended when there are certain elements present in the case. Illegal stops, faulty administration of testing, unlawful search and seizures, failure to read your rights at arrest or other matters could make some or all of the evidence inadmissible and should be explored at once.

At our firm, we look over every detail of the evidence to find the flaws and holes that could open the door to a successful defense or a full dismissal of charges. Never plead guilty without getting your case reviewed by our attorney. You could be dealing with punishments far beyond what you expected, even for something as small as a first time misdemeanor DUI, theft, or possession offense. Those who have prior convictions could suffer very severe consequences if they are found guilty by the court. Cases in which an accident occurred, or another person was injured can lead a felony charge that will impact your life forever. You need experience on your side, and you need it immediately.

Our Founder Educates Other Defense Attorneys

He has trained other lawyers in cross-examination, and you can be confident that every legal option will be evaluated, and a defense strategy worked out for you, based upon the evidence in your case. If you have never before been arrested, and have no criminal record, you could still spend time in jail, lose your legal right to drive, be put on probation, and owe expensive fines if you are convicted.

You will also have a have a criminal record, which can be easily accessed by potential employers. In a tough job market, do you think that an employer wants to choose a convicted drunk driver? You need to have an attorney on your side that truly knows trial law and has the track record to back it up.

Why Does Experience Matter?

No one working in the criminal justice system would argue that the quality of your defense lawyer is the most critical issue impacting the outcome of a trial, no matter what charges you face. A lawyer who stumbles, is less creative, not particularly talented in trial law or has no skills in presenting a persuasive case is far less likely to be successful.

You want to know that you have an experienced lawyer on your side if you hope to avoid conviction for a misdemeanor or felony charge. What if you could be found not guilty? What if your case could be dismissed? Get answers from an experienced trial lawyer that has an impressive record of success in court. Call the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. today to retain the aggressive and relentless defense you deserve!

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