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Charge Dismissed - 6/1/2015

Client charged with second degree murder and facing life imprisonment. Michael Mirer proved he was actually innocent of all charges and convinced the state to drop all charges.

Capital Sexual Battery

Case Dismissed

Presented state with inconsistent statements of the alleged victim. Client life and freedom were restored.

Aggravated Assault with a Firearm

Charges Dropped

Client was charged with road rage. After extensive investigation we were able to show that our client was the victim and got all charges dropped.

Aggravated Assault with a Firearm

Charges Cleared

Aggravated assault with a firearm, client was exonerated of all charged.


Charges Dropped

Client was arrested and accused of commiting a burglary. During the course of represnting the client, the prosecution had information that he committed 5 seperate other burglaries. Mr. Mirer was able to negotiate with the state attorney's office to avoid his client from further prosecutuion and arrest on the additional burglaries. All charges will be dropped in 6 months against the client!

Assault on Police Officer

All Charges Dropped

Client was arrested and charged with assaulting police officer and resisting arrest without violence. After a thorough investigation and requesting video surveillance of nearby businesses’, it was determined that the officer had lied on his police report. On the day of trial Mr. Mirer confronted the officer with these lies and the state dropped all charges against the client.

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