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Miami Drug Trafficking Attorney

Criminal Lawyer for Drug Trafficking Charges in South Florida

Drug trafficking is typically the most serious of all drug-related charges that a defendant may face. Drug trafficking often involves large amounts of illegal drugs being transported across state lines or national borders, and this means that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) or other federal agencies may become involved in the investigation and prosecution of these offenses - classifying them as federal crimes.

You may currently be under investigation for drug trafficking or may have already been arrested for or charged with this serious drug crime. The most important step to take, as early in the criminal process as possible, is to contact a top criminal defense lawyer in Miami. Retaining legal counsel is your Constitutional right, and failing to take full advantage of this may have disastrous results.

In trying to cooperate with law enforcement, you may unintentionally say or do something that implicates you. There are numerous preventative measures that a lawyer can take to actively protect your interests and work to help you possibly avoid formal criminal charges in the first place - such as ensuring an unlawful search and seizure does not take place or representing you in any interviews with law enforcement to prevent self-incrimination or a constitutional rights violation.

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If you are interested in a free consultation with a skilled lawyer, please contact the experienced team at the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. today. The prosecution must try to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are guilty of drug trafficking, and at times simply proving one small error or one rights violation by law enforcement can turn a case around and result in a favorable jury verdict. At the very least, an experienced attorney can work to mitigate potential penalties that the defendant may have otherwise faced.

Our firm is here to help you challenge your drug crime charges and reach the best possible case outcome - contact Miami drug crime attorney Michael Mirer today!

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