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Miami Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Appeals and Post-Conviction Relief

Although you may have already been convicted of a crime, you still have the option to file a criminal appeal to request a review of the trial by a higher authority. Miami criminal defense attorney Michael Mirer can help you through this often complex and difficult matter, protecting your interests and asserting your rights along the way.

Judges, attorneys, juries and court personnel are all only human. Mistakes may be made, and if the outcome of your case was affected as a result, you may have the right to file an appeal and possibly secure an altered sentence or a retrial in some cases. After all, a critical legal error may affect the final verdict or may affect the sentence that a defendant faces, and this may affect him or her for the rest of his or her life. Without the right to an appeal, grave injustices may occur.

For example, a judge may read incorrect instructions to the jury, leading to an altered verdict. The jury may convict a defendant when there was actually not enough evidence to support a conviction. Critical evidence may have been allowed that should not have been, and vice versa. If a significant error is found, the appellate court may send your case back for a new trial or may offer you the opportunity at an altered sentence.

Filing Criminal Appeals in Miami, Florida

Michael Mirer has over ten years of experience as a trial attorney and is also a former Miami-Dade prosecutor. His thorough and diverse understanding of the Florida criminal process enables our team at the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. to accurately evaluate our clients' cases and provide advice that directly relates to their particular circumstances.

Were you the victim of a grave legal error in your trial? Would you like a second chance for justice to be served? Contact a Miami criminal appeals lawyer at our firm today to discuss your situation and legal options to pursue justice!

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