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If you or someone you know is facing theft crime charges of any kind, you may be in danger of facing years of imprisonment, fines, and other serious criminal penalties if you are convicted. From shoplifting allegations to an arrest for robbery, burglary, or grand theft, the Miami criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. is fully equipped to protect your best interests.

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Florida Theft Crime Laws 101

Theft crimes encompass a broad number of criminal offenses, all related to misappropriating property or funds, stealing property or committing fraud. The penalties an individual will face for a theft charge will depend upon whether or not the offense was violent in nature and other factors. For example, robbery and burglary are committed through the use of force or violence, and therefore these charges carry more severe penalties.

A Miami theft crime defense attorney can help fight allegations of any of the following, and more:

You can also learn more about theft crimes by visiting our Theft Crimes Q & A page.

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Involving a lawyer is important, and we highly suggest that you do this as early in the criminal process as possible. You may be in danger of facing serious criminal penalties and even up to years in prison if you are convicted. The failure to act quickly and involve a Miami theft crime lawyer may come back to haunt you if you are found guilty or if you accept a plea bargain that is not truly in your best interests.

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