Can I Be Arrested for Writing a Bad Check?

Can I Be Arrested for Writing a Bad Check?

Giving a check to another individual or business as a payment for goods or services delivered, when you know you do not have sufficient funds to cover the value of the check, is against the law. Individuals who write bad checks for the purpose of committing fraud, in an effort to obtain services without actually paying for them or simply due to the fact they lack the funds necessary to keep up with their financial obligations, are committing a crime.

The penalties you could face for writing a bad or worthless check will depend on the written value of the check itself. A check written for less than $150 is a misdemeanor offense. Penalties for this particular crime can include fines up to $1,000 and up to 12 months in county jail. Writing a check for an amount in excess of $150, or stopping payment on a check as a way to commit fraud, is a felony offense and punishable with fines up to $5,000 and a maximum of 5 years in prison.

If you have been arrested for writing a worthless check, hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney from the firm will greatly improve your chances of being able to fight the charges you face. The criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. understands how frightening it can be to face criminal charges, particularly if you did not intend to defraud anyone.

Having spent time as an Assistant State Attorney for Miami-Dade County, and as a former member of the Career Criminal Robbery Unit, Attorney Mirer is well aware of the how the prosecution is likely to present their case against you. He will also be able to advise you on what to expect throughout the duration of your case.

His experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system allows him to build a compelling defense strategy that can help you attain the most optimal results for your case. If you have been arrested for writing a bad check, it is important for you to exercise your legal rights. Do not speak with officers or admit any guilt before speaking with your attorney.

Call the firm at anytime, day or night, to speak with a Miami criminal defense attorney about your charges. The firm takes pride in protecting the confidentiality of all conversations, including your free initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose by making the call.