Grand Theft vs. Petit Theft, What's the Difference?

What is a grand theft? It is simply a taking of goods valued at $300.00 or more. For example, if you are accused of stealing a shirt that has a value of $301.00. This is considered Grand Theft simply because the value of the item taken was more than $300.00.

Had the shirt in question been valued at $299.00, the crime would not be considered a Grand Theft, but a Petit Theft. The only difference between the two crimes is the value of the item taken. Grand theft has various degrees, all depending upon the value of the item.

For example if the item taken was $20,00.00 the crime would be Grand theft in the second degree. If the value of the item taken was more than $100,000.00 it is Grand Theft of the first degree. The higher the degree the harsher the possible sentence.

Usually most Theft cases are settled with repayment of the amount taken. If the victim is made whole the better the outcome usually is.

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