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Unpaid Toll Bills may Cause Unwelcome Calls


Toll bills are one of those burdens that many people put off. In fact, recent data shows that a lot of people have been avoiding paying toll bills in the recent past. Miami Dade County alone has about 7,000 vehicles which use the highways and are charged as a result. Drivers who find themselves on toll roads have two options- they can pay the tolls as required or they can zip through the sun pass lane. A sun pass is a card that is given to residents and gets charged each time that the driver pulls through. The problem is, investigators have found that many people without sun passes are still slipping through the lane in order to avoid paying the toll.

If a county employee takes a county vehicle through a toll without paying, then they get a notice of violation in the mail. The shocking thing is that most of these violations go unopened and unattended to. Many county employees and their departments have ignored the notices, resulting in more fines and penalties being sent. Between September of 2008 and February of 2012, Miami Dade racked up about $637,000 in fines and penalties for county vehicles that weren’t paying when they passed through the tolls. The Miami Dade mayor wants to fix the problem right away.

If you are a civilian who has ignored tolls, then you will be issued a violation in the mail and have 21 days to pay a $3.50 fee. If you ignore that notice, then you will be sent a traffic citation and given 30 days to pay $26. In a month the fine escalates to $150. After that, it will land at $166. Fifteen days after that, you may need to pay $232. The longer that you wait, the more serious your toll bills will become.

If you are dealing with a toll bill issue that has escalated into a serious expense, then you need to contact a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. When you start ignoring visits from the police, you could end up with serious consequences, so get a lawyer on your side to help right away!