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Florida Man Arrested for First Degree Murder


A 31-year-old Florida man was arrested on June 2 and charged with three counts of murder after allegedly shooting three coworkers. Reports claim that the suspect, A.L., shot the three bouncers after they rigged his gun to misfire and filmed him struggling with the weapon at a range. The practical joke was brought up by one of the men while they were out drinking, and A.L. shot the men outside of AJ's Bar. He admitted to shooting one of the coworkers on purpose, but claims that shooting the other two men was an accident. After shooting them, he admits to dumping a 9mm handgun and the t-shirt he was wearing in a trash can before going to his girlfriend's house.

First degree murder involves the unlawful killing of another person with premeditation and intent, or when an individual kills another while engaging in a felony. A.L. is charged with three counts of first degree murder. If convicted, he could face death or life without the possibility of parole.

There are defenses that can be used to fight these types of felony charges before and during trial, such as arguing that the crime committed was excusable homicide. Excusable homicide occurs when someone is killed by accident or in the heat of passion. If dangerous weapons were not used, the presence of sudden combat may be used to create a defense of excusable homicide. It may also be lawful to kill another person for the reason of self-defense in the state of Florida.

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