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Miami University Student Charged with Sex Crime Against Roommate


During the early morning hours of Wednesday, February 20th, 22-year-old Miami University student Brett Hatton allegedly returned to his dorm room, after a night of drinking, and attempted to assault and force himself upon his male roommate. According to statements from the roommate, after being thrown down onto the bed a number of times, Hatton held him down against his will and proceeded to rub against his genitals. The roommate was finally able to get away and make it to another dorm room to get help.

When police arrived to the scene, they reported that Hatton appeared to be intoxicated. The roommate then purportedly told police that while he is in fact gay, he had never shown any interest in Hatton and wanted to press charges. Hatton has since been charged with assault, unlawful restraint and gross sexual imposition.

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