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Man Charged with Carjacking After Attacking School Board Member


A 24-year-old Miami man is charged with carjacking and a number of other offenses after attacking a member of the Miami-Dade School Board on April 29, 2013 and then stealing her car. According to authorities the woman had just gotten out of her vehicle and was walking toward the Miami-Dade County Public School headquarters early Friday morning when she was approached by the suspect, S.L. and his companion, T.E., who then began to assault her.

According to investigators, S.L. beat the woman's face and body. When she tried to use pepper spray to deter the attack, the suspect delivered more severe blows upon the victim. When a passerby confronted the suspect, he was startled and he and his companion took the victim's purse and used her car to drive away. The Good Samaritan took the woman inside and her coworkers called police and rescue units. The victim was released later that day and authorities expected her to recover.

Police later recovered the woman's stolen car and her assailants, who had both been released from incarceration within the last month. S.L. faces charges of carjacking, battery and grand theft, and his friend was charged with grand theft and possession of marijuana. Both men remain behind bars as they await trial.

Carjacking is a violent crime that is charged as a felony offense in the state of Florida, and even a simple carjacking offense without the use of a deadly weapon is a first degree felony. Conviction for a simple carjacking charge without any aggravating factors carries heavy fines and incarceration in a state prison for as long as 30 years. In addition to the other charges made against the suspect, he faces severe potential penalties.

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