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Baby Lollipops Murder Trial


It was almost 20 years ago that an FPL crew found the body of Baby Lollipops covered in leaves on Miami Beach. The 3 year old boy received his nickname because he was wearing a lollipop t-shirt when his body was found. His mother, Ana Maria Cardona, is on trial again, charged with Aggravated Child Abuse and Felony Murder.

Cardona was previously convicted and sentenced to death for murdering Baby Lollipops, her son. In 2002, the Florida Supreme court set aside her conviction and ordered a new trial. The conviction was overturned because the State was found to have withheld conflicting statements made by Olivia Gonzalez, the state's star witness and Cardona's lover. Gonzalez took a plea deal and received 40 years in prison. She served 19 and is now free. Cardona is currently in jail pending the outcome of the new trial.

The State's case will be significantly weaker than it was 20 years ago. Inevitably, witnesses will have forgotten about events and statements to which they have previously testified. In addition, the defendant has the significant advantage of having already heard the testimony of the State's witnesses. The State does not plan on calling Gonzalez to the stand in this new trial. The case will focus on statements made by Cardona and the testimony of the medical examiner. The advantage goes to Cardona in the retrial.

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