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Pre Trial Intervention


Pre Trial Intervention, otherwise known as PTI, is a diversion program that allows one who is charged with a criminal offense to obtain a dismissal of all charges after completing a program with conditions set by the State Attorney's Office. PTI is a privilege and not a right. Not every individual will be eligible to enter the PTI program. Admittance into the PTI program is at the discretion of the State Attorney's office. Not even the judge has the authority to place a person in PTI.

If you are arrested in Miami and charged with a crime, you should immediately consult with criminal defense attorney Michael Mirer who can help you gain entrance into the PTI program and assist with the dismissal of all charges in your case.

The PTI program usually lasts 3 months to a year depending on the crime that is charged i.e., a felony vs. a misdemeanor. PTI usually consists of certain conditions that must be fulfilled during the course of the program. For example, in the case of a charge of Grand Theft, the PTI conditions would typically consist of a theft class, community service hours and payment of any applicable restitution. If the case involves Battery on a Police Officer or Domestic Battery, the PTI conditions would typically consist of anger control and possibly community service hours.

As a former prosecutor who has handled thousands of cases in Miami-Dade, I have helped clients who were charged with life felonies such as Burglary with an assault or battery get into PTI. Once the PTI program is completed, all charges are dismissed.

If you are charged with a criminal offense you need to consult with an attorney. Call the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. for an immediate and free consultation.