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Bench Warrant


A bench warrant or an Alias Capias can be issued by a court for a defendant's failure to appear for a case. Other circumstances may exist for the issuance of a warrant by a judge; for example, a violation of probation. If one is placed on probabtion with the court and subsequently violates the probabtion, a warrant may be issued. In the event a warrant is issued, the court may attach a monetary bond so that when the defendant is arrested by the police, he/she may post a bond. However, sometimes the court may place a no bond hold which requires the defendant to appear before the judge in order to be released from jail.

As a former Miami prosecutor and now a criminal defense attorney , I can assist you in handling your bench warrant or alias capias. Sometimes, I can even have the court set aside the warrant without an appearance before the judge or having to go to jail. I have helped many people resolve warrants ranging from very serious criminal offenses such as:

  • Armed robbery
  • Grand theft
  • Trafficking
  • DUI
  • Leaving the scene of an accident

The best defense is to have an aggressive lawyer by your side. Contact my office immediately for a confidential and free consultation. Every case is different and I will listen and evaluate each and every aspect of your legal situation and provide a strategy that best suits your needs.