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South Miami Facebook Killer To Give Testimony


On Tuesday, a South Miami resident named Derek M. will testify before a jury regarding the 2013 murder of his wife, Jennifer A. Derek has not denied killing his wife, but he has pleaded not guilty of first-degree murder, claiming that the killing was in self-defense.

Prosecutors Called it an Execution

According to the prosecution, Derek was engaged in a heated argument with his wife on the night of the killing. At one point, he went upstairs to retrieve his handgun, then returned to the kitchen where Jennifer was holding a kitchen knife. He was able to disarm her and return the knife back to a kitchen drawer, at which point he fired between six and eight times.

One unusual aspect of the case that will likely not help Derek is a Facebook post he made just after the killing. In it, he admits to killing Jennifer, and includes a picture of her dead body. As a result of this, the media has characterized the crime as symptomatic of a social-media obsessed culture.

Were Things That Simple?

Although he has not denied the killing, Derek’s defense team has painted a far different picture about what happened on that night, as well as in the time leading up to Jennifer’s death. They have claimed that Jennifer was extremely aggressive and controlling, describing her as a “diva” who regularly referred to Derek as “the woman” in their relationship. After enduring ongoing psychological and emotional abuse, Derek was forced to defend himself when she would not stop punching him in the head and neck.

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