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Questions & Answers: Miami Theft Crimes

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What is theft?

The basic definition of theft is taking the property of another person. To further explain the criminal definition of this offense, it would include any action taken to deprive another person of property without their knowledge and/or consent and with the intent of permanently denying the person of its use.

What are some types of theft crimes?

There are many different types of offenses which may be classified as theft crimes, including those that are violent in nature and those that are committed by way of deceit. Common theft crimes include:

What penalties will I face if convicted of a theft crime in Florida?

Although the specific penalties for a theft crime conviction may vary, the basic criminal penalties that may be enforced are imprisonment in county jail or state prison, fines, and probation. However, a defendant may also face possible drug or alcohol treatment if his or her offense is related to drug or alcohol abuse. The nature of the offense, whether a weapon was involved, the defendant's prior criminal record, whether anyone was injured, and the value of property involved will all affect the potential penalties that a defendant may face for a theft crime conviction in Miami, Florida.

How do I know you are qualified to handle my case?

Attorney Michael Mirer has over a decade of legal experience to dedicate to your theft crime case, as well as a background as a former Miami-Dade prosecutor, where he worked on the other side of criminal cases. This means that attorney Mirer understands more than just the criminal defense approach to a Miami theft crime case. He also understands how the prosecuting attorney thinks and can anticipate their next movement in order to provide more effective legal counsel. On top of his knowledge and experience, Mr. Mirer is also completely dedicated to his clients and will work tirelessly to pursue the best possible outcome on their behalf.

Do you offer a free consultation to discuss my case?

Yes. Your initial consultation with Miami theft crime lawyer Michael Mirer is free. This will be a valuable opportunity for you to not only learn more about your rights and options but also to see whether you think our firm is a good fit for your case. This is a personal decision, after all, and we want to make sure you are comfortable in your choice of legal counsel.

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