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Robbery Suspect Sought in Lauderhill Case


On January 14 at approximately 8:30 p.m. it is reported that an individual carrying a gun entered the Lauderhill Babies R Us, located on Commercial Drive. The robber is alleged to have pointed the weapon at the cashier, demanding money. No one suffered any injuries, and it is unknown the amount of money that was stolen in the incident. Law enforcement has issued a picture of the suspect, and is asking for tips to help in apprehending the gunman.

Florida law is particularly harsh in cases of robbery in which a weapon was used. The 10-20-LIFE law allows for mandatory minimum sentencing in cases involving the commission of a forcible felony. Any person accused of committing a crime that was alleged to have involved a threat with a firearm, whether the gun was discharged or not, could be sentenced under this statute.

If you are facing criminal accusations in a forcible felony, such as robbery, sexual battery, carjacking, a home invasion robbery, aggravated stalking, or any other felony offense that includes the use of threat or physical force, or of actual violence against another person, the penalties imposed in a conviction could be under the 10-20-LIFE statute.

Innocent people can be charged with serious crimes. They can be urged to take a plea deal rather than fight back in court. Any criminal accusation related to a violent crime must be carefully and professionally defended. It is advised that if you or a loved one has been accused, is the target of a criminal investigation, that you get legal representation from a high quality criminal lawyer. If the charges were filed in the Miami area, contact the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. Mr. Mirer is a former prosecutor with extensive trial experience and is well respected for his high quality defense work.