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Understanding Probation Violations

Handcuffed Hands

If you are released on probation rather than having to serve the entire term of your sentence behind bars, there are very strict rules and regulations you must follow. Your probation hinges on being in compliance with the terms imposed upon you. Some of the more common requirements for probation include:

  • Not associating with any known criminals or gang members;
  • Refraining from alcohol or drug abuse or use;
  • Regularly reporting to your assigned probation officer;
  • Paying court-ordered fines or restitution;
  • Attending mandatory counseling; and
  • Committing no further criminal offenses.

Any violation or alleged violation of the terms of your probation could lead to your immediate arrest and you may be incarcerated for the duration of your sentence. You might also face additional criminal penalties depending upon the offense committed, such as receiving an extended sentence.

Any individual who has been arrested for a probation violation has the right to due process. An accusation that you have violated your probation is not enough to warrant a judge revoking your probation and sending you back to jail or prison. There are methods by which these accusations could be challenged, and our firm can help.

If you have been accused of violating your probation you are entitled to a hearing where you will be given the opportunity to contest the alleged violation. Retaining counsel from an aggressive criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. will significantly improve your chances of being able to successfully challenge an alleged probation violation. We can work with you to prepare for your hearing and build the powerful defense strategy you need. Do not risk the loss of your freedom; contact our firm today to discuss your legal options or take a few moments to complete a free case evaluation.

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