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Mirer Case: Defendant Accused of Cocaine Trafficking Avoids Prison


Even when all the odds are stacked against a defendant, a strong attorney will oftentimes find a way to still obtain a positive outcome for the client. This is exactly what happened in a case that was recently handled by Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Mirer. In this case, a defendant who was facing a significant prison term for alleged drug trafficking was able to get probation instead, thanks to the aggressive legal advocacy that Mr. Mirer provided.

Attorney Mirer's client had been arrested for allegedly purchasing 2 kilograms of cocaine. Prosecutors had a strong case against the defendant, considering that the sale was captured on video, and the client was facing a minimum mandatory sentence of 15 years in prison. With a determination to secure his client's freedom, Mr. Mirer filed motions that forced the state to waive the minimum mandatory sentence. In the end, the defendant was sentenced to probation with no jail time.

Attorney Mirer has a thorough knowledge of the criminal justice system, especially considering the fact that he has served as both criminal defense lawyer and a prosecutor. Before entering into his private criminal defense practice, he served as an Assistant State Attorney in Miami-Dade County. His experience of handling more than 100 trials has made him a sharp litigator.

Our law firm, the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A., handles all types of drug crime cases, such as those involving drug possession, cultivation, sales, trafficking and more. We also handle cases that cover a broad range of other criminal charges, with no case being too big or too small for us. If you are facing criminal charges in or around Miami, Florida, do not hesitate to contact Michael Mirer, P.A. for assistance. We invite you to fill out our online case evaluation form!