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Drug Possession: Misdemeanor or Felony Offense?


Drug possession is a relatively minor drug offense here in Miami; however, it is one which should not be taken lightly. If you are arrested for drug possession you could be facing either misdemeanor or felony charges and the potential for very serious penalties.

The type of drug you had in your possession, as well as the amount, and whether the police have reason to believe you intended to distribute the drug, will all have a direct impact on the severity of the charges you face. First time offenders with no criminal record are often eligible for alternative sentencing rather than being convicted or having to go to jail, but depending on the circumstances of your case, you could face heavy fines and even incarceration if convicted.

There is no question that the legal counsel you choose to represent you will have a significant impact on the final outcome of your case, so it is important for you to choose a criminal defense lawyer wisely. Attorney Michael Mirer is a former prosecutor who has dedicated his practice to defending the rights of those accused of committing state and federal crimes in Miami-Dade County.

Attorney Mirer's extensive trial and courtroom experience gives him a distinct advantage when it comes time to challenge the evidence provided by the prosecution. With his background, you can trust that he will work hard to develop a compelling defense strategy to protect your rights and help you retain your freedom.

The Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. offers a free online case evaluation to all new clients and there is no obligation to retain the firm's services. Contact a Miami criminal defense lawyer from the firm to find out what they can do to help you fight drug possession charges.