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10-20-Life Law: How Will It Affect My Charges?

Gun and bullets

The 10-20-Life law requires that mandatory minimum sentences be enforced whenever a gun is used in the commission of a crime. The type of crime committed, as well as how the gun was used, will determine the minimum sentence which will be enforced upon conviction.

Any felon who has a gun in his or her possession will face a mandatory 3-year prison sentence, without the possibility of attaining an early parole. Individuals who brandish a gun during the commission of a crime will face a mandatory minimum sentence of 10-years, whereas discharging a gun in the commission of a crime will result in a 20-year mandatory minimum sentence. If another individual is injured or killed by the accused discharging his or her firearm during the commission of a crime, that individual will face no less than 25 years to life.

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