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Miami Federal Sex Crime Attorney

Charged in Federal Court?

Any criminal accusations regarding a sex crime are dangerous, but when you are charged in federal court, the penalties in a conviction are much more severe. Any sex crime that includes illegal actions involving the communications systems such as mail, the internet, or crosses state boundaries immediately comes under the jurisdiction of the federal criminal justice system.

Title 18 of the United States Code names the sex crimes that will be charged in federal court, which include those involving obscenity:

  • Mailing obscene matter
  • Importation of obscene matter
  • Sending mail with indecent matter that is visible on envelopes or wrappers
  • Pornography offenses, including transferring obscene material to minors (under 16 years of age)

Attorney Michael Mirer has garnered a reputation in the legal community as a talented criminal defense attorney with the trial skills you will need if you are caught in the federal criminal justice system.

Contact a Miami federal sex crime defense lawyer from our firm at once if you are facing federal charges related to a sex crime.

Federal Internet Sex Crimes

Some people feel that the internet provides a completely anonymous experience in which an individual can act without fear of consequences. They fail to realize that actions or intentions of an illegally sexual nature carry heavy consequences, including facing federal charges.

Federal and state task forces are heavily focused on identifying those involved in sex offenses through the use of the internet, in luring a child for the purpose of a sex act, such as:

Transmitting obscene material to a minor is another internet sex crime that carries with it heavy penalties , including 5-20 years in federal prison.

If you are accused of committing an internet sex crime, you should contact a Miami sex crime lawyer without hesitation, your future could depend on it.

Government Response to the Rise in Internet Sex Crimes

Due to the rising number of internet related sex crimes, the government has taken an active approach to stopping potential sex offenders before they can harm other individuals. Currently there are approximately 59 government funded task forces actively investigating individuals who pose a sexual threat to minors.

Florida alone has three of these task forces searching through chat rooms and using Facebook and other social networks to identify sex offenders. These task forces employ many techniques such as posing as underage individuals or posting under false identities in order to entrap individuals.

Online Solicitation Defense Attorney in Miami

Federal law prohibits the use of electronic media to solicit sexual acts. When the criminal charges involve a child, the penalties in federal court can include up to 30 years, with enhanced penalties for those with a prior sex offense on their criminal record.

As this crime can involve extensive punishments, it is vital that your defense moves forward at once. Attorney Michael Mirer formerly served as an Assistant State Attorney for Miami-Dade County, and has the trial experience and knowledge you will need to fight back. Your best line of defense against this kind of activity is to hire a good defense attorney to handle your case.

If you have been accused of online solicitation, you should contact a Miami sex crime attorney to protect you from the damaging effects of these accusations.

Get Help from a Miami Child Pornography Lawyer

Local police and federal agents have escalated their efforts to stop crimes against children. Child pornography is included in this category. To this end, they have invented any number of undercover operations in addition to using informants and monitoring internet activity.

Since the internet very often involves communications across state lines, the FBI is very active in trying to identify anyone connected with the exploitation of children, including prostitution, or transporting an individual under 18 across state lines for the purpose of sexual activity. When charged at in federal court, the unlimited resources of law enforcement, federal labs and investigatory units will be working against you.

When the case involves child pornography that has been sold, transmitted, or produced, the penalties can include:

  • Up to 10 years in federal prison on each charge
  • Imprisonment in federal prison for a term from 5 - 20 years
  • 40 years imposed upon those with prior sex crime convictions
  • You will also be required to register as a sex offender along with large fines and fee, once a term is served

Miami Human Trafficking Attorney

Human trafficking is the sale or trade of any individual for commercial gain. There are severe punishments involved, and the U.S. Department of Justice will almost certainly be involved in prosecuting the charges. The United States Criminal Code defines human trafficking crimes in Title 18, Chapter 77, which is focused upon any act that compels or coerces a person's labor, services, or sexual acts for commercial purposes.

There are currently 42 human trafficking task forces that are coordinating efforts at the local, state and federal levels to identify and arrest any person involved in human trafficking. As these are civil rights cases, they will be heavily prosecuted by top federal prosecutors.

Defense for Human Trafficking: A Federal Crime

Human beings are most commonly sold or traded for the purposes of sexual exploitation. Human trafficking is viewed by the federal authorities as a modern version of slavery. Due to the exploitative and harmful nature of these kinds of crimes, offenders face severe consequences. As a federal felony offense, convicted individuals face heavy fines, years of prison time, and mandatory registration as a sex offender.

The penalties imposed under Title 18 U.S.C. § 1591 (Sex Trafficking of Children or by Force, Fraud, or Coercion) range from 15 years to life in federal prison when the alleged victim was under 14 years of age. The minimum penalty in federal court when the individual was 14 years or older is 10 years.

Contact a Miami human trafficking attorney if you stand accused of a human trafficking related offense.

Understanding Federal Sex Crime Charges and Penalties

Sexual abuse can also be filed at the federal level, and these are cases in which an individual crosses a state line intending to engage in sexual activities with a child under 12 years old, or engages in a sexual act with a minor between the ages of 12 and 16 when the perpetrator is 4 years or more older than the victim.

Aggravated sexual abuse includes using force, kidnapping, the individual was rendered unconscious, administered a drug or other intoxicant that impairs their ability to resist, or has placed them in fear that injury or harm will occur if they don't submit.

The penalties imposed by the court can range from 15 - 30 years in federal prison . Those with prior offense will face a potential penalty of 35-50 years. The firm has the experience in federal court and at trial that is necessary when you future freedom is so seriously at risk.

Get Help from the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A.

Before entering private practice, Michael Mirer had a successful career as an Assistant State Attorney. You can benefit from his extensive courtroom and trial experience and his many years of service as a prosecutor in Miami-Dade County. Not only is he qualified to defend you in charges filed at the state level, he can defend you against federal charges involving child pornography.

Fighting these charges takes extensive technical expertise and resources in addition to many years of experience in criminal defense. If you or a loved one has been charged with child pornography in southern Florida you need a sex crime lawyer who understands how to aggressively defend you from these charges and act to protect your Constitutional rights.

If you are facing charges of child pornography are under investigation for a federal charge, contact a Miami child pornography attorney at the firm at once.

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  • "Mr. Mirer the best attorney all around, very respectful, a humble person, open minded and well respected."
    Mr. Mirer saved me from a 25 year conviction, the case was of drug trafficking. I only did 20 months in prison when it should've been no less than 15 years. He worked hard he's not all about just taking your money and forgets about u. He has an amazing team that does not let his clients down. No matter how busy he is he always answer phone calls, texts if not at the moment he'll find the time to reach back. I always felt like my case was priority and that's important for a client and I thank him for that. Definitely he will always be my first choice of recommendation to whom is in need of a trust worthy lawyer. Thank u again Mr. Michael Miter.
    - Former Client
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    They assured me they could get my case resolved and squashed... in less than a week it was done.
    - Former Client
  • "My case is almost done and I am so happy with such a great attorney."
    My case is almost done and I am so happy with such a great attorney.
    - Former Client
  • "My case was dismissed and we are in the process of expunging my record. I am forever grateful to Michael."
    My case was dismissed and we are in the process of expunging my record. I am forever grateful to Michael.
    - Former Client
  • "Mr. Michael Mirer as brilliant, compassionate and empathetic attorney."
    Mr. Michael Mirer as brilliant, compassionate and empathetic attorney.
    - Former Client
  • "Michael Mirer helped me get through the worst ordeal of my life and for that I will always be grateful."
    Best Attorney out there hands down. It's been over ten years since I found myself in the worst predicament of my life. Michael Mirer helped me get through the worst ordeal of my life and for that I will always be grateful.
    - Former Client
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