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Florida Drug Possession Laws

Have you been arrested for drug possession? Although this is typically considered the least serious of all drug crimes, a person accused of drug possession in Florida may be at risk of facing felony charges in some situations.

Penalties for Drug Possession in Florida

The type of drug involved as well as the amount will impact potential charges and final sentencing upon a conviction, as will the presence of any items that may indicate an intent to distribute. Possession with intent and possession of drug paraphernalia are specific offenses related to drug possession that may affect any potential penalties that you may face if convicted.

In some cases, a defendant accused of drug possession may be eligible for alternative sentencing, most often a drug rehabilitation or treatment program to avoid imprisonment and or conviction. This is most often an option available to first time drug offenders with no prior criminal record, and to juveniles.

What to Do if You Were Arrested for Possession in Miami

It is important to involve a Miami criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Michael Mirer, P.A. as soon as possible to ensure that your Constitutional rights and interest are protected from the onset of any criminal proceedings. An experienced trial attorney and former Miami-Dade prosecutor, Michael Mirer is fully qualified to handle your drug possession case. Mr. Mirer assists clients facing all types of drug crime charges throughout all of Miami and the surrounding areas in the greater South Florida.

Attorney Mirer has over a decade of experience to dedicate to building a strong and effective legal strategy on your behalf, and he is fully devoted to acting as a tireless advocate for his clients' rights. To learn more about your possession charges and how an attorney can work to minimize the potential penalties you may face, contact Miami drug possession attorney Michael Mirer today.

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