Trafficking Charges

Trafficking Charges

When most people think of trafficking they imagine Miami Vice. The image of go fast boats eluding the police filled with kilos of cocaine comes to mind. In fact Trafficking in drugs simply is the amount of drugs in question.

Trafficking in cocaine is simply possessing 28 grams or more. There does not need to be a sale or purchase. There does not need to be money exchanged.

For example a person runs a stop sign and the car is stopped. The officer asks for consent to search and the drivers gives consent. The officer locates 28 grams of cocaine in the center console. The driver can be arrested and charged with Trafficking in cocaine. Even though the driver was not selling or dealing the cocaine the fact that 28 grams or more of cocaine was located, a trafficking charge will ensue.

A consequence of all trafficking charges are minimum mandatory prison sentences.

28-200 grams of cocaine-3yr mandatory sentence -200-400 grams of cocaine 7yr mandatory sentence -More than 400 grams of cocaine 15 year mandatory sentence.

The state attorney has the authority to waive the mandatory sentence. As a former Miami prosecutor and long time criminal defense lawyer I have handled all kinds of drug trafficking cases. I have prevented many clients from many prison sentences.

I can assist you in any Miami drug trafficking case. I will do all I can to help you avoid spending time in jail. I treat all my clients as if they are my only client if you have been arrested in Miami for drug trafficking there is only one lawyer you should call, that is Michael Mirer. Contact my firm to retain skilled representation for your case.